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Gangotri Business Services: One of the India’s most genuine recruitment consultants, established in 1994.

Gangotri Business Services, Recruiting manpower agency has been committed to providing both clients and candidates with an unrivalled level of service. We are registered with the Local Statutory Compliances of Govt. of Haryana. Gangotri Business Services serves its clients with multi tasking frames Solutions of Recruitment. Gangotri Business Services backed by a panel of HRD experts and a gigantic databank base, to provide suitable candidates for right positions at appropriate time. We are registered with Monster.Com & & running our advertisement on weekly basis.

At Gangotri Business services, we consistently hit the mark in our recruiting efforts because we dedicate the resources to understand and appreciate candidate and client requirements as well as those needed to recruit and source qualified candidates. We also validate every candidate and every requirement through a rigorous documentation process that ensures that we only work with quality requirements and quality candidates ensuring that all parties involved in the process are working towards the same conclusion. All of our staff are committed to providing a comprehensive, effective and personal recruitment service and are able to cope with every recruitment need.

They are carefully trained to efficiently handle all aspects of manpower mobilization, screening, and documentation. We try our very best to provide candidates with the most suitable position in their respective fields. Whether we are conducting national or international searches, we always maintain the same regard for confidentiality and quality of service, and our goal to exceed your expectations.

Thanks & Regards

Alok Narang

(Special thanks to my elder brothers Kapur and Sashi Narang, Co Founder, GBS)